I met Greg in late 2015 when I was a resident in the Harbor building at Cape Albeon, and he was overseeing the renovation of the cottage into which I would later move. During this process, Greg kept me informed, made himself available to answer my questions with patience and respect, and made my transition from apartment to cottage a comfortable one. I appreciate that Greg has continued to be attentive and helpful to concerns related to my cottage.

- Barbara

“Wayne, a car just pulled into our driveway. Were we expecting anyone?”
“Well, Greg did say he would stop by on his way home and check to progress with eliminating the sewer gas odor.”
Even as new residents at Cape Albeon, Greg has always been helpful and caring. His friendly nature, no matter the situation, always makes for a delightful visit. On “big” jobs, Greg also seemed to work well as part of a team. We are impressed about Greg’s knowledge of fixing so many and varied projects around this property. If you haven’t already guessed, we think that Greg is very competent and a very dedicated employee.

- Wayne